Quality Assurance


Expected shelf life of raw pecan nut meats is up to two years at 0° F (-17° C). Pecans may be refrozen repeatedly without loss of flavor or texture. Keep in a cool place with relative humidity at or below 72%. To insure freshness store below 41° F (5° C). It has been found that pecan pieces have a shorter storage life than pecan halves.



70°F (21°C) 3 months 4 months
32°F (0°C) 12 months 18 months
0°F (-17°C) 24-60 months 24-60 months


Frozen pecans should be tempered by placing them in a cooler room with temperatures of 36° F - 47° F (2.2° C - 8.3° C) with relative humidity of 65% to 70% for a period of 72 hours before moving them into ambient temperature. This will allow any condensation that may form on the pecans to dissipate. If pecans are not tempered properly, the condensation that may form on the pecans will create conditions where mold is likely to develop. Therefore, a series of gradually increasing temperatures is desirable. Pecans should not be stored with odorous products such as apples, onions, spices etc and should not be stored in facilities cooled by ammonia.


Insects can be a problem in nuts, in order to prevent insect infestation store below 46° F (7° C) or keep nuts sealed in an airtight container, especially if they are shelled.

*The information above is subjective and contains approximate values*